The UK has the largest creative sector per head in the world.

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The Process

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The first stage is to arrange an informal meeting with the InvestUK team to assess the suitability and viability of your business for our investors

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Based on a business plan and financial forecasts, we will agree the investment you require

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We will introduce you to a range of foreign investors

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Once you have selected an investor, we will hold further meetings to ensure compatibility and to enable us to carry out due diligence

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We will support the investor throughout the investment and visa application processes

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You will need to prepare full documentation on your company’s legal status, marketing material, financials including term sheets.

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The client will submit these documents as part of their visa application. It will take up to 4 weeks to hear from the UK Visas & Immigration.

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Once the client successfully obtains their visa, we will arrange a follow up meeting when the client arrives in the UK to go through next steps. The client will usually be appointed as a Director at this point and the recruitment process for the two qualifying employees will need to begin.